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Learn To Write an Essay Effortlessly

With techniques learned from your editor/instructor, you’ll soon see that the key to writing a successful essay is nothing more than organization and imagination.

Essay writing can often be a topic of frustration, particularly when it is important to get the essay right in the first place.

Areas of Expertise

There are many areas that might be approached in order to best tailor the an approach to creating that perfect essay for you. So we start by looking at a good first draft, edited briefly by your editor, before approaching the weaknesses as pointed out by your editor that you might address in your rewrite.


Perhaps the most important aspect of writing is the grammar that makes up sentences. If there are any issues with grammar, we should address this aspect of essay writing first.

Essay Structure

Breaking down the essay into groupings of paragraphs in order to reinforce a thesis is paramount.

Organizing Your Ideas

An essay is a persuasive tool. If there are any issues in the logical sequence or persuasive ability of the writer, now is a good time to address them as well.

Brainstorming Ideas

Writing is creativity, too. If you don’t have the right ideas, let’s brainstorm them and make them work!

Complete your rewrite quickly after your first session with an edited essay in hand and practice areas to concentrate on.


I can answer most of your questions over the phone. Here are a few of what might be your most pressing ones.

What are your rates?

My rate is $45/session with each session lasting 1 hour. No more than 2 or 3 sessions should be required in order to maximize the potential of a student’s essay.

What can I expect?

What you can expect depends on where you are in the writing process, both in terms of where you are at with your essay and how developed a writer you are.

Who are you?

I am a published author with 25 years of writing experience. I share my talents because I derive satisfaction in doing so. I am also a web developer by profession.

How much time should I invest in my essay?

Depending on length and complexity, I would say that the absolute minimum amount of time to invest should be at least three hours.